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The new G62 conversion kit by Slitzell concepts is here! Designed primarily to be conjoined with the G62CR, it can also be used with a stock g62 long block with some modification to the original cast case**.  This kit allows one to mount a G62 engine to a 78mm Clutch mount, or base mount it to any frame that has the 460/40 bolt pattern(Stiffy, Walsh ETC).



This kit includes:


1- Billet Fan cover Adapter

1- Billet clutch housing adapter

1- Billet Engine Shroud

1- Modified 460 flywheel for 60 crank

1-Flywheel bushing

2- Engine Standoffs(Clutch Side)

- Hardware



This conversion kit uses some stock 460 parts to finish the motor and be pulled from your old engine or can be bought using the DDM part #s listed below.


33640- GP460 Ignition Coil


Eg580- GP460 Fan Cover


Eg581- GP460 Pull Start


In addition the following is recommended

Gt401- ADA 78mm Chromoly Bell

Gt841- Toymaker GP460 to GSR40 Frame Adapter Plate (If using on 40 frame)

Gt840- Toymaker 78mm GSR40 Clutch Housing



Note: Due to variances in all makers of clutch housings/78mm engine mounts/available clutches, we had to standardize to what we considered to be the most popular setups. This kit was designed around using a Tm clutch drum housing(GT840) combined with an ADA Chromoly 78 clutch bell to ensure perfect clutch engagement using the 40 shoe TM clutch adapter(GT415). For use with an ADA billet 78mm engine mount(hh540x), 2 m6 washers must be mounted on each bell housing bolt, or the separate billet spacer may be purchased.

**Note: To fit to a stock G62 case, the stock ignition and magneto tabs must be trimmed off as well as some cast edges that protrude from the edges from the large seal side. This requires a steady hand and a professional should do the modifications if you are not handy with a dremel.

Note: In order to fit a GSR40 frame, an engine plate must be used. You may purchase one directly from us from